Personal Space.

Freedom, privacy, personal space.

Data. A virtual prison.

Screen time is revenue.

Who forgets to stay present? Present in what? Are YOU still present?

Being in the here and now is easy but there are challenges.

Ecstasy. A full battery.

One of the most important rules to follow in our today´s lives is … ?

Reminder: See the rainbow.

How do you connect body and mind?

Where do you live?

How do your fuel your energy?

What enables you to think creatively? Limitlessy?

I hope for more people to find themselves again.

In order to develop myself, I must detach myself from the existing.

My art serves as a visual bridge and shall empower people to be the initiators they want to be.

First and foremost, I paint to spread joy, to spread color and to remind people „Celebrate the moment, more again.“


What is real?

Acryl, Sprühlack & Ölkreide auf Leinwand

120*150 cm


Lucid Dream

Acryl und Ölkreide auf Leinwand

80*100 cm


Endless Summer

Acryl auf Leinwand

80 x 100 cm


Feeling Good

Acryl, Sprühlack & Ölkreide auf Leinwand

80×100 cm