We feel the urge to interact. To see ourselves as part of something.

How to optimize my life? Who to interact with? A strategic road map? I feel that most people naturally become part of certain social bubbles while others are more than certain about where they want to be and what they want to be part of. Does it mean they will lead happier lives? Some hide in the crowd, some find their energy in it.

The concept of a crowded place intrigues me. I have been thinking about human interaction, crowded places, my own cosmos and social bubbles a lot. I have been wondering whether being part of social bubbles, systems, communities limits your perception of feeling and being free. I define freedom in that I make uncountable experiences through human interaction and life in general, but in the end I am in my own cosmos. Fun, break-through moments, intellectual stimulation.

How much are your own goals impacted by the willingness of outside recognition?

My intrinsic motivations differ from the willingness to gain popularity and fame, but if fame is the consequence of my work as an artist, I will show up. Most of all, I see social recognition as a driver to go for more and my art creates a growing fan base. Isn’t it all about how we see ourselves, more so than how we are seen in public? The sentimental lonely self works well with the vivid rockstars in the club. As an artist, I find it important to embrace diversity not only in societal and cultural contexts, but also within ourselves.

Watching myself, watching the crowd, being a spectator, being the main act. Choice and Action. Now or Never. A crowded place for me is made up of people and it is their stories that make my canvas richer.