“When you compare yourself, you lose.”

I am obsessed experimenting with my identity, enhancing perceptions and seeing dreams become reality. My own cosmos keeps expanding, I can feel it and I can see it in the world’s resonance to my existence. Inhabiting an omnipresent mental and emotional space that is distinct and separate from the external reality gives me a vitalizing kind of energy. I find that state of mind and experience of the world in a deeply personal and unique way while painting. And I can’t stop.

When someone lives in their own cosmos, they have an individualistic perspective on life, shaped by their beliefs, values and experiences. They may have a vivid imagination and a rich inner world. Living in one’s own cosmos also involves a sense of autonomy and a desire to carve out a distinct path in life. The idea of living in my own cosmos enables me to keep strengthening a deep sense of self-awareness and connection with the unique aspects of my own inner world. The more I connect to myself the more my paintings speak my language. They say „Recognize and embrace your individuality, beliefs and desires. Trust your intuition.“


Many asked: The manual for how to life in your own cosmos:

  1. Energy always comes first.
  2. You are interesting.
  3. Be brave.
  4. You choose your bubble.
  5. Keep life spicy.

I started building my own cosmos unconsciously through the creation of art. I have understood that art truly inspires and connects people, which makes me want to take ownership and responsibility to inspire and connect. I found my true self through art, I found the way of life that brings me pure joy and power through the practice of art.

Feeling inspired through uncountable sensations of creativity led to the establishment of my own cosmos and the journey started years ago. Very often, even the smallest connection to my artistic self felt like a breakthrough moment. Deep inside, I knew who I was, but at first, I had to give myself different names. Today, Valentin is DION and DION is Valentin and DION is my personal fulfilling life vision. My artistic work has been my personal journey to my own cosmos. I hope for everyone to find that passion that becomes the door opener to their happiest, self-determined version.


What is real?

Acryl, Sprühlack & Ölkreide auf Leinwand

120*150 cm


Lucid Dream

Acryl und Ölkreide auf Leinwand

80*100 cm


Rush of thoughts

Acryl & Sprühlack auf Leinwand

100*120 cm


Feeling Good

Acryl, Sprühlack & Ölkreide auf Leinwand

80×100 cm